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It is entirely up to youwhat kind of text you would like to have translated. It can be a website, an invitation to a party, product descriptions for an online shop, a menu, an instruction manual, a newspaper article or an academic paper – to name but a few examples. I provide translations in the following language combinations:

English –> German
German –> English
Spanish –> German
(Spanish –> English)

My areas of expertise and interest change with every assignment because I delve deep into every subject and quickly make the transition from layperson to expert. After all, to be able to translate or interpret a message at all and ensure top quality, I have to understand the source text with all its linguistic nuances, cultural specifics and corresponding context in its entirety.

Furthermore, good translators excel in linguistic precision and perfect expression in the target language. Upon request, all translations that I do not create in my native language German can be proofread by a qualified colleague. In these cases, I of course also guarantee that your documents shall be treated with utmost confidentiality.

I would be happy to recommend a sworn translator to you should you require a certified translation.

My translation experience ranges from marketing, data privacy declarations and T&Cs, technology and engineering (woodworking) to sport, health and nutrition, church rallies and documentary films.
A selection of reference projects can be seen in more detail in my portfolio.

What does a professional translation cost?

Translations are normally charged for by word or standard line price. Various factors are taken into consideration in these prices, e.g. difficulty, number of repetitions or additional formatting.
I work with the translation software SDL Trados Studio 2014 and prefer texts in Word or PDF format.

If you would like to have a text translated, please get in touch for an initial briefing and a non-binding offer.

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