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Your message in my words
– I strike the right chord and ensure smooth communication.

I am Myriam Sodjinou, freelance interpreter and translator
for German, English and Spanish, based in Hamburg.

I help you to turn language barriers into bridges.

Are you planning an event with international guests
and need an interpreter for the welcome speech ?
Would you like to have a press release
or your terms and conditions translated before publication?
Your company’s new image film needs subtitles in various languages
for your international business partners ?

If you are looking for professional language services in Hamburg,
you’re in exactly the right place!

As a reliable and skilled professional, I can support and advise you
from the planning stages to the performance of your project.
I would be happy to provide you with an individual offer for your project.
Find out more about me, my work and the services I can offer you on the following pages.

“Als internationales Startup nehmen wir die Übersetzungsleistungen von Frau Sodjinou regelmäßig in Anspruch und schätzen dabei besonders ihre Fähigkeit, verschiedene Sprechweisen zu adaptieren und ihre absolute Termintreue.”
– Jerry Appiah, Mouseflow

“Myriam was my interpreter during one of our tours in Germany speaking on trade and food security related issues. I must admit for the first time I felt like a translator interpreted exactly what I said with so much professionalism. I was impressed at how quick she took notes and retained everything that was said. I wished I had her with me throughout the whole tour in Germany. The other speakers agreed to that Myriam was the best interpreter during our tour.”
– Yvonne Takang, Executive Secretary of ACDIC

“Myriam hat mich als Dolmetscherin auf eine Dienstreise in die Dominikanische Republik begleitet. Sie war hervorragend vorbereitet und hat ausnahmslos in allen Situationen, trotz des tropischen Klimas und zeitweilig schwieriger äußerer Bedingungen, alle Gesprächs- und Dolmetschsituationen mit hoher Konzentration bewältigt und schnell die Sympathie aller Gesprächspartner gewonnen. Den nachhaltigen Erfolg meiner Reise verdanke ich im erheblichem Maße der Begleitung durch Frau Sodjinou.”
– Jürgen Reißner, Arbeitsstelle Weitblick




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